“The genie is out of the bottle. So what now? GoGoStat Parental Guidance for Facebook is definitely “what now.”"

I learned about this product through an article on NBC's website and as soon as I did, I had to know more about it. So, I sent an e-mail to GoGoStat asking to talk to someone and they were gracious enough to comply. read more>>

-Mike Dermody, Keeping Kids Safe Online

“A great free tool that enables parents to monitor their kids' potentially unsafe activity on Facebook.”

Parental Guidance enables you to print a report, using a single button-click, showing their most recent photos, friends and messages from Facebook, providing law enforcement officials with the latest, most relevant information and appearance of your child. read more>>

-PC Guru

“Parental Guidance is not spyware; it’s a way for your kids to stay out of their own way!”

The application allows for a lot of flexibility. The parent can choose from a list of rules; only when the chosen rules are broken will the parents be notified of the situation. Parents can also define their own rules, including acceptable age ranges, the posting of cell-phone numbers and other private data. NOT ALL CONVERSATIONS ARE MONITORED! read more>>

-Lori Getz, Cyber Education Consultants

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